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little pieces of how i felt
i used to send to you
small moments
with much thought
you never seemed to see through
i thought that i would be ok
that i would make it through the day
but unfortunatly thoughts of you
keep tumbling into view
and now my happiness
is turning black and blue
a line of this and a line of that
memories i wish to forget
and i dont know why
and i dont know how
but somewhere along the way
you accidently took my heart away
:iconpetula-faerie:petula-faerie 2 16
English works... 2 peoms...
What we take for granted
Paint me a picture
Form me a scene
Draw me a landscape
Of the beauty we once used to see
Sketch a vision
Illustrate a sight
Describe a view
that could change over night
Depict an outlook
Show a stance
Portray an image
that could be gone in a glance
Capture me a paradise
Secure me a dreamland
Catch me a heaven
Of the beauty we once held in our hand
Good-bye beauty
Say good-bye
Death sweeps the air
Nothing will be left
When everything is clear
Say good-bye
Decay covers the ground
Nothing can be created
when nutrients are not around
Say good-bye
As the pedals drop
onto the dirt below
when all the life must to stop
Say good-bye
As roses die in disarray
beneath our feet
when the land was cleared away
:iconsa2plus2equals22:sa2plus2equals22 8 5
Omega Tropic DTM - newblue by zhurskar Omega Tropic DTM - newblue :iconzhurskar:zhurskar 10 22
People walk in and out,
Leaving greetings as they walk by.
And with those greetings they leave a memory,
Which can't be easily forgotten.
As they walk by,
They do not realise the effect they cause,
Nor do they think of the consequence
Which can happen later in life,
Just with that one simple greeting.
Sometimes, it can be more,
Not just a greeting but a lengthy conversation,
Or maybe even a relationship
Leaving a more vivid memory.
Now, these memories,
Sometimes we wish to forget them
And at others we adore to go over them,
We can never really decide.
The thought of no memory
Causes a shiver down our spines,
Memories are important in one way or another
They help us to remember and relish life.
So when you wish to forget,
Think about the importance of the memory,
It may help you later on in life.
:iconlahere:lahere 1 11
Dying piece by piece
Let them settle
let them tumble
Their just my feet
its not the only time I stumble
Let them cry
let them fall
Their just my tears
its not like I control it all
Let them forget
let them fade
Their just my memories
its not like I want them to stay
Let it run
let it bleed
Its just my blood
its not like its a major need
Let it bruise
let it shatter
its just my heart
it really does not matter
Let it stop
Let it leave
Its just my breath
its not the complete life of me
Let it wither
let it die
its just my love
its not like I like saying good-bye
:iconsa2plus2equals22:sa2plus2equals22 1 29
What is love?
What is love???
What is Love?
What does it really mean?
Love is there even a meaning for it?
How does one realize that they are in love?
How does one know they have found the one?
What is Love?
Is it pain and suffering?
Where one gives their heart to another,
Only for it to be crushed,
By the big hands of hatred,
What is Love?
Does love bring happiness?
To everyone around you,
Where it lights up everyone's day
And gives them a sense of hope,
What is Love?
Is love the journey,
In which one must travel,
Only to realize they took the wrong path,
What is Love?
Is love where one cheats on you with another?
And says it was meaningless,
Without realize the true effects of their actions?
What is Love?
Is it where one shall show there true feelings,
By the reciting of poems,
The giving of roses,
Only to find that the love isn't returned,
What is Love?
Is love physical?
Or is love emotional?
Is love even real?
What is Love?
Is love…
The growing bond between a pair,
A bond that grows stronger ove
:iconsmitdog:Smitdog 1 4
splitting apart by sa2plus2equals22 splitting apart :iconsa2plus2equals22:sa2plus2equals22 1 4
You are not what I fear
Be not proud death
For you are not what I fear
For neither are you what I crave
A pain like no other given by you
Creates a world full of my anger.
A loss that cannot be bared
Becomes my world of grief.
Be not proud death
For you are not what I fear
For neither are you what I crave
A confined area within my mind
Consists solely of your presence.
A slight admiration of the power you withhold
But more admiration for how you intrigue my thought.
Be not proud death
For you are not what I fear
For neither are you what I crave
:iconlahere:lahere 9 28
Don't Bother I Know exactly what goes on
Because of you I no longer
trust anything I say or do.
Your lies, they choke me
And now i'm dead.
Now I'm dead
look at you lies, around my neck
You choke me to death.
What a fake
all your loves gone to waste.
I hate a fake.
are you listening now, my hearts at my throat.
Now I'm dead.
I no longer feel
anything or anyone.
Don't bother
my minds in auto-shock.
My veins are numb
and you'll get what you want.
What they ask, What What What !
I never loved him anyway
see my feelings now they've changed.
And openly in this poem
I'll admit I liked you,
but hey we all make mistakes.
Openly in this poem
I'll say he's so yesterday.
I'm not out to hate,
I'll just live on and forget.
Now I'm not looking so dead hey babe.
:iconblink182babie:blink182babie 1 10
TrAcToR by BeautifulDisaster07 TrAcToR :iconbeautifuldisaster07:BeautifulDisaster07 2 4 fRiEnDs by BeautifulDisaster07 fRiEnDs :iconbeautifuldisaster07:BeautifulDisaster07 2 6
Chemical Heart.
As we walk down San Francisco Boulevard
My chemical heart is beating poison for you.
It's telling me to do thing's
That I should never do.
Our heart's were once joined
But only by lust.
If your willing, I'm willing
Let's give us one more shot.
My Chemical Heart beats so fast
Your kiss has become my anti -drug.
You'll never know what things I'll do
When my chemical heart isn't around you.
You give me hope
Our hearts are back as whole.
My chemical heart just wasn't ready for another break-up.
My chemical heart, It tears us apart.
x x x
:iconblink182babie:blink182babie 1 7
Who ARE you?
Silently sat inside the car
Expectation running wild
Afraid, excited, seeing stars
sat there silently like a child.
Roger Ramjet and his Eagles
Fighting for our freedom
Fly through in and outer space
Not to join 'em but to beat him.

I smiled a soft and hidden smile
my insides all but torn apart
tried to hide it all the while
but could not still my crazy heart.
Roger Ramjet he's our man
Hero of our nation
For his adventures just be sure
And stay tuned to this station.

The time had come, the stars were bright
I love the cemetery at night
we sat more than a metre apart
I could not still my crazy heart.
So come and join us all you kids
For lots of fun and laughter
As Roger Ramjet and his men
Get all the crooks they're after.

Everything I ever wanted,
overrated, thats for sure
But still it left me speechless, haunted
Lying on the stony floor.
Roger Ramjet he's our man
Hero of our nation
For his adventures just be sure
And stay tuned to this station.

I could fe
:icontimesnewroman:TimesNewRoman 2 1
Portrait of an Abused Soul
Smothered fragments from her past
arise up and out through broken glass
and though she turns her eyes in fear
she knows that they're forever near
Who will listen to the listener?
Who will hold her tight
and wipe away her tears,
brush away her fright?
did she ever tell you
she cries to the darkness?
that her world comes crashing down
every time shes left alone
Those around refuse to see
that when she helps to set them free
their burdens settle inside
the one in which they choose to confide
And though these troubles weigh her down
shes staring at the night time sky
waiting for a caring ear
so she might have the chance to fly
did she ever tell you
she weeps in her sleep?
that her world comes crashing down
every time shes left alone?
As the days pass by
she falls deeper within the lie
and more people begin to look away
as her edges start to fray
Now drifting away on a breeze
is the strength she had before
and its to late
because the wreckage she still tries to ignore
did she ever tell you
:iconpetula-faerie:petula-faerie 3 31
Absolutism by Nassie9874 Absolutism :iconnassie9874:Nassie9874 15 72



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